The Complete Guide Of Special Educational Needs

Movement Ideas for Children with ADHD

3 Movement Ideas for Children with ADHD

There are numerous creative ideas that can encourage movement in different ways for children with ADHD. Get your learners to try these creative movement ideas to help improve attention.

sensory processing issues

Career Outlook For Jobs In Special Education?

The foremost duty of special educator is to teach and cooperate with children who have a variety of special needs. The demand for trained special education teachers is high as countries do require special education teachers in public schools.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

How to deal with students with sensory processing issues in a classroom?

There are many teachers who are still struggling to handle children with sensory-processing issues in school. In this blog, we have mainly discussed the accommodation strategies that can be incorporated in a classroom to handle similar children!

Career Outlook For Jobs In Special Education

A Complete Guide to the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

If your child requires special education services, an IEP i.e. an Individualized Education Program is very essential for them to continue learning. Let us look at the process of developing an IEP and its significance in details.

India’s New National Education Policy

Scope of Inclusive Education in India’s New National Education Policy

The newly reformed India’s National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) is viewed as a milestone in the modern era of education pre-formal though it includes some policy gaps in the education of children with disabilities. Let us see whether the reforms change the perception of inclusive education in India or not.

IEP Meetings

Can You Treat Children With ADHD With Behavioral Therapy?

Is your child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? If so, your doctor will most probably suggest behavior therapy as a treatment for managing ADHD symptoms. Let us find out!

Children With ADHD

5 Amazing DIY Ways To Meet A Childs Sensory Needs At Home

If you are looking for activities that can be introduced at home to meet the sensory needs of children, this is where you can find it and incorporates such activities at home for your special child.

Ways To Meet A Childs Sensory Needs At Home

How To Make The Most Of Your Child’s IEP Meetings

IEP meetings are meant to be conducted collaboratively. Parents, teachers, support staff, and even the principal of the school is an integral part of making these meeting successful. IEP meeting helps to discuss the academic goals and also about any specific program your child should join to foster holistic development.

The Safety of Special Children

Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Special Children

There might be certain scenarios when parents will be busy but that should not be any kind of excuse. Having special children is a blessing but taking proper care of them is definitely tough.

Learning Difficulty and Social Skills

How Learning Difficulty And Social Skills Are Interlinked?

Learning problems often time are accompanied by lack of social skills. Social skills within the children help them to connect with each other and interact with a group. When children find it hard to be in the school environment, it can cause problems in many areas of life and often manifest into behavioral issues.

Learning Difficulty and Social Skills

Supporting Kids Who Are Minimally Verbal

Children with autism who have issues with nonverbal communication require continuous support and care. According to research 25-30% of autistic children have problems in verbal communication. Autism courses for teachers give lessons to special education teachers who want to associate themselves with the welfare of gifted children.

Learning Difficulty and Social Skills

How To Recognize Kids With ADHD And Sleep Disorders?

Is your child facing difficulty in falling asleep or facing attention issues? If so, there is a high chance of your child might be diagnosed with ADHD. However, these symptom can also indicate sleep disorders. Let us find out the actual disease by differentiating the symptoms and causes of both the disease.

Students with ADHD

Students with ADHD – Executive Function

When learners with ADHD also struggle with executive dysfunction, teachers can adapt strategies to work on their organization skills by implementing positive rewards, establishing a routine, and by supervising them on a timely basis. Also bear in mind to work in collaboration with the parents to help the child become more active.

Special Education Is The Career For You

Reasons Why Special Education Is The Career For You!

Working with children can be a fun and learning experience to live. And when it comes to special needs children, educators need to be more than just being a teacher to provide a safe space for learning to these kids with patience and flexibility – to ensure that their learners can thrive in their lives.

Smartboards For Special Children

Smartboards For Smart And Special Children

Multiple problem-solving techniques can be acquired in real-time by using whiteboards to teach children with special needs. Smartboards are blessings because they help to practice the lesson plan made for the gifted kids accurately. It's not just video games or YouTube videos that the screen readers should through to learn because this process does not involve any hands-on practice sessions for those kids.

Children with Learning Disabilities

Useful Speech Therapy Apps To Help Learners Improve Their Communication Skills

Speech therapy has helped countless children who previously suffered from a range of problems with speech, communication, language and swallowing. Teachers pursuing Online Learning Disabilities Course are equipped to help these learners overcome their speech problems.


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