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Quality Assurance Policy

The quality assurance system ensures that the content of the teacher training programs reflects society’s need for trained teaching professionals with extensive knowledge and practical skills in areas such as teaching techniques, curriculum design, lesson planning, classroom management and pedagogical innovation, and that the graduates’ choices of methods and approaches to teaching is effective and at par with international standards.

Objectives for the Quality Assurance Policy

The quality assurance policy for teaching and training is expressed in the following objectives:

  • Our teacher training courses are designed to prepare teachers/trainers for global classrooms
  • The programs are research-drawn and the content is approved by the Board of Academics and other accrediting and awarding bodies
  • The quality culture is constantly being maintained and developed and the academic team continuously works to improve the training courses
  • The academic team develops the courses in close dialogue with the sales team
  • The course frameworks and pedagogical components including the mode of learning, are continuously enhanced to guarantee an effective learning experience

What do we mean by quality?

Evaluating quality in teacher education depends on the processes to ensure quality and on meeting the learning outcomes of the courses. Assuring the quality of learning is the primary objective of quality assurance for an educational institution, and therefore the processes are taken into consideration in the overall quality assurance policy.

The Academic team focuses on two vital elements - process quality and learning experience.

Process Quality

Processes consider the quality of the training courses and ensure that they are run properly as per the set norms laid down by the Board of Academics as well as different accrediting and awarding bodies. Courses must be delivered in a structured and systematic manner assuring the quality of study materials and training process, with minimal gaps in the system. The trainers and tutors must also comply with the guidelines for achieving the targets set by the institution’s Board of Academics.

Learning Experience

We provide training in different modes of learning – online (self-paced), live online and in-class. The Head – Academics oversees and monitors the curriculum, the learning process, the quality of teaching, professional development activities and makes an assessment of the available resources and how they contribute to the learning program in alignment with the institutional standards of quality.

Online/Self-paced Courses

  • The learning is usually based on the seamless delivery of the training modules through user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The online courses are conducted in its entirety with the technological support of an online learning platform and the support of online tutors who assist and guide the students through the academic journey.
  • The success of the online program is measured through the degree of fulfilment of the learning objectives and the assignment evaluation also reflects the learning outcomes to a great extent.

Live Online Courses

  • To assure the quality of learning in live online courses the following measures are taken:
  • overseeing the implementation of academic directives and decisions related to live online training
  • improving trainer competences through periodic training in order to ensure a high degree of professionalism

In-class Courses

  • Providing a positive study environment and an appropriate and modern infrastructure that helps to engage and motivate students.
  • Trainers undergo relevant skill enhancement training opportunities on a regular basis.

Quality Culture

Quality culture is the backbone of ACT supporting a set of shared values and working on the continuous improvements to be brought to the daily practices, thus leveraging the aspect of quality in the work we do and treating it as a collective responsibility for all employees of the institution.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Each individual must demonstrate in his or her own way a responsibility to deliver appropriately and make a positive contribution so that the courses meet the set standards at all times. The Board of Academics follows the institution’s values underpinning the high-quality training to be imparted with a clear focus on the training courses which comprise:

  • innovative curriculum
  • research-drawn components
  • relevant topics
  • quality-assured materials

Quality assurance is planned according to the annual cycle for the internal and external audit.

The guidelines are designed to ensure that:

  • the course structure and content, the modes of learning, course delivery comply with the institutional policies
  • the academic strategies are implemented in the courses as and when required
  • the academic team to work on the quality management of the training courses on well-documented basis
  • the Academic department’s on-going work with the academic course materials is embedded within the set procedures’ annual cycles.

The annual cycles involve external quality assurance requirements and internal quality assurance requirements adopted at academic level.

The annual cycle for the revision of curricula and course evaluations are conducted following the evaluation of student feedback

Learning Resources and Student Support

This policy relates to the assurance of all administrative support functions that are necessary for the smooth conduct of the courses and for the quality assurance of the learning infrastructure.

The guidelines and procedures are outlined to ensure that:

  • all student support functions comply with the organizational rules and regulations
  • all training activities are carried out as per the plan
  • support is provided in the form of different learning resources based on the curricula

Aspects such as classrooms and the ICT-supported learning system are quality-assured by on-going evaluations that map the learning experience.

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