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K.M. Pavithrakshmi

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Course done: Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education (ADHD, Autism & Learning Disabilities), Certificate in Counselling (For Triple Certificate)

Pavithrakshmi, a seasoned counseling psychologist and special educator based in Chennai, embarked on a journey of professional development by pursuing a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Delhi, followed by a one-year PG Diploma course with an additional program through Asian College of Teachers (ACT).

Throughout her educational journey with ACT, Pavithrakshmi shared that she gained valuable insights into the effective utilization of online learning platforms, which proved to be a boon for busy working professionals like herself. Despite the time constraints that often accompany professional responsibilities, she found that ACT's flexible approach to online education helped her to upgrade her skills and pursue additional programs with ease. The unwavering support provided by the tutors and the student support teams further streamlined her learning experience, making the process of advancement remarkably straightforward.

The course not only broadened Pavithrakshmi’s understanding of her field but also equipped her with practical tools and strategies that she could readily apply in her role as a special educator. Particularly in light of the escalating demand for professionals in the field of special needs education, the insights gleaned from the course served as an invaluable resource, empowering her to better address the diverse needs of her students.

Impressed by the course’s comprehensive content and its tangible impact on her personal and professional growth, Pavithrakshmi wholeheartedly recommends it to fellow practitioners, educators, parents, and anyone seeking to stay abreast of the developments in the field.

As she reflects on her overall experience with ACT, Pavithrakshmi expresses immense satisfaction and gratitude for the enriching learning journey she undertook. Her positive experience has led her to extend the program’s reach by referring it to her friends and colleagues, underscoring her commitment to fostering continuous learning and growth within her professional network. With heartfelt appreciation, she extends her best wishes to the entire ACT team, expressing a desire to maintain the strong bond forged through their shared dedication to education and excellence.


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