A Closer Look at Hyperlexia: How Educators Can Support It

31st May 2023


Children with hyperlexia are self-taught learners who can often read well than expected but struggle to understand what they are actually reading. They also excel in knowing ways to decode written words however find difficulties in comprehension. Read on for comprehending such students and find tips to help them excel in academics. ...

Written By : Aditi Ghose



Addressing At-Risk Children With Early Intervention Technique Within The Classroom

19th May 2023


It is often noticed that the special needs or conditions of these at-risk children are readily apparent at birth and parents often wonder if their child is developing within the norms. These children often show early delays in developmental milestones in the affective, psychomotor, and cognitive domains. Thus, it is essential to assess them in the beginning and create an early intervention plan. Learn how you can best support such students. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma



6 Techniques To Support Adults With Auditory Processing Disorder In A Classroom

5th May 2023


Auditory processing disorder in adults can lead them to have trouble following conversations, especially when there are overlapping or multiple voices. Adult students with this disorder struggle in a classroom particularly where the echoes and background noises make it difficult to focus on what the teacher is saying. Read on to learn how to tackle such students in class. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal



Prepare Your Autistic Children For a Post-Pandemic Transition: A Comprehensive Guide

29th April 2023


Parents and Teachers are more aware than ever in today’s world about how to help autistic children. However, after the pandemic, the situation is new for them and for children also. Explore our informative guide on how you can help autistic children in post-pandemic situations. ...

Written By : Bindita Sinha



7 Essential Components To Create An Effective Individualized Education Program

25th April 2023


An individualized education program (IEP) is a legal document that sets out a child’s learning needs and outlines the services provided by the school to address those needs. It also describes how the progress will be measured and thus it is a highly essential document that sets the stage for how a child will succeed in school. Read on to learn what things you need to include in an IEP to make it fruitful. ...

Written By : Aditi Ghose



Top Lucrative Careers for Special Education Graduates: A Comprehensive Guide

12th April 2023


For people looking for even more responsibility and influence than working as a teacher provides, becoming a Special Need Educator. Explore our informative guide on what career opportunities there is in Special Education field? ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma


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