Can Left-Handedness Be a Part of Learning Disability?

23rd January 2021

Generally, there are circumstances when you see a child is left-handed and the parents are wondering whether it’s a sign of learning disability or not. They wonder if left-hand domination is a sign of a learning disability. Parents naturally start to observe the hand dominance when babies start grasping the objects. However, sometimes they have a discussion with the Special Needs educator, therapist, psychologists and so on. Therefore, as a 21st-century skilled special needs teacher with the help of the learning disability course, you need to understand whether left-handedness is connected with learning disability or not.

Well, in most cases left-handedness is a usual part of child growth. However, in some cases, the left-handedness can coincide with learning disabilities or other health apprehensions. Scientists and researchers argue about the origin, differences and the specifics of left-handedness people.

So, what are the learning disabilities?

Learning disabilities are neurological modifications in processing the information that measures a person's aptitude to learn in a specific skill area. There is no "remedy" for learning disabilities. Learning disabilities are being generally first observed when children start to underperform or fail in school. The learners here may have problems in learning the basic skills in reading or understanding reading. Like issues in writing, math, or language may also be an indication of the disabilities.

The number of signs and symptoms experienced in learning disabilities and their degree of intensity may differ. Well, its symptoms can be significant!

Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities generally make learning more challenging. Therefore, it is significant for parents and teachers to understand that with effective measures and support, the child can adjust to his learning difficulties.

Why are left-handers so unusual?

In most cases, the existence of left-handedness in a child means uncharacteristic mental development. Consequently, a number of developing interruptions can be visible with the lefties, particularly in oral and written language skills, mastering math operations, etc. The left-handed brain works with some different rules in comparison with right-handed people. Well, the inadequate and precise growth of the visual perception is a distinguishing feature of left-handers.

The problems in the communication of the cerebral hemispheres are distinctive characteristics for the left-handers. Let’s just rapidly understand the most common complications in academic by left-handed children:

  • Problems in joining single letters into words.
  • Remembering the letters slowly.
  • Not recognising the letters in an inverted form like shaded, crossed out, etc.
  • Confusion in similar letters like L-M, P-T-H, S-C, etc.
  • Slow reading pace.
  • Not comprehending what has been read (even though the reading method has been learned).
  • In some cases, left handed children do memorise individual letters without any difficulty.

The researchers consider the left-handedness an example of ''biological diversity'' rather than considering it as a biological hindrance.

So… when to concern about the left-handedness?

Well, there are times when left-handedness can be a sign of a bigger question related to brain development. So, what are those???

  • The young learners who are deaf… are more likely to be left-handed than their non-deaf peers.
  • If the left-handed child has gone through any childhood illnesses, hereditary conditions, and injuries then it may raise some concern.
  • If a child has risk factors for developmental delays then their left-handedness can be of more alarming.
  • If a child is left-handed and displays some early signs and symptoms of learning disabilities, you may correctly be anxious.

Well, we would suggest if the other major learning or developmental disabilities are not an apprehension for the child, then their left-handedness is just a part of their natural growth. It is significant to remember that the hand choice itself is not the cause of the special need. A child will certainly use the hand he/she feel most capable of doing any task. Also, depending on the task, a child may use both hands to changing degrees.

Brain Functions

Well, forcing a left-handed child to be right-handed can lessen the sense of action in the foremost right side of the brain and increase activity in the non-dominant side. Therefore, with the help of the learning disability course, teachers as well as parents can get a clear awareness about the common misconception regarding the left-handedness. Yet if you have any anxieties, it is important to talk to your paediatrician or a practitioner right away.

Written By: Bindita Sinha      

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