Early Intervention or Detecting the Learning Disabilities to Help the Child Successfully in Time

16th October 2020

You’d be surprised to know that celebrities like Keira Knightley, Michael Phelps, Daniel Radcliffe, Steven Spielberg, etc. have struggled with learning disabilities while growing up. Quite understandably, every so often they suffered in school, in the social state of affairs, and sometimes at home too, but they had the strength to continue. Nevertheless, at some point numerous children have a concern while reading, writing, or even performing or something other learning-related tasks. However, this does not mean they have learning disabilities. The signs of learning disabilities show a discrepancy from person to person and it is habitually possible for a child to adjust and develop with those weaknesses undetected with the help of the learning disability courses online.

A Public Law 94-142 was enacted in 1975, a first step in identifying and providing educational rights to individuals with disabilities. Since that time, special educational needs programs and services have continued to develop, and as research continues, techniques to help individuals with learning disabilities in overcoming their differences will also continue to emerge.

It's all about identifying complications rapidly and making an early intervention to help children and their families so that complications can be tackled before it becomes more deep-rooted ones. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Regulations, the criteria for determining a child’s learning disabilities are being defined in 34 CFR 300. Learning disabilities can affect a child's self-confidence as well as enthusiasm. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to identify signs of a learning disorder and what we can do to help a child.

Understanding Learning Disabilities

First of all, you need to understand that learning disabilities have nothing to do with how smart a child is. Reasonably, you can say a child with a learning disability may just perceive, hear, or comprehend things in a different way. A learning disability is the information-processing special need that prevents a child from learning a new skill and using it efficiently. Learning disorders in general affect persons of average or beyond average aptitude levels. Learning disabilities do not go away, instead, they have a habit of growing more challenging as time is being allowed to pass.

Generally, the signs and symptoms of learning disabilities are being identified between the ages of 10-13 years. By this stage, children are starting to feel a lack of confidence and becoming more irritated, sometimes ensuing in their acting out.

A learning disability is generally being recognized when a serious inconsistency happens between knowledgeable aptitude and realization in one or more of the following areas:

symptoms of learning disabilities

According to the California Education Code, “The discrepancy must be due to a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes and ... not the result of environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages. The discrepancy (must) not be (correctable) through other regular or categorical services within the regular instructional program.” In simpler terms, children with learning disabilities display trouble in processing information through one or more modes – visually and auditory.

Causes Learning Disabilities

The sooner the learning disabilities are being diagnosed and cured, the more possible children will be able to reach their possibilities. Here are some of the reasons or cause that might influence the development of learning disorders:

  1. Genetics
  2. Family history
  3. Prenatal risks
  4. Neonatal risks
  5. Psychological trauma
  6. Physical trauma
  7. Environmental exposure

Although learning disabilities may be distinguished at all ages, it is always best to make the identification as soon as possible.

Signs and Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

Every child learns in different ways: visually, auditorily, kinaesthetically or a grouping of the three. Here are the major signs and symptoms of learning disabilities:

Signs and Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

Some more signs below:

  • Clumsiness
  • Problems in sounding out or pronouncing words
  • Problems in responding to questions
  • Trouble in explaining what they want
  • Impulsive and easily side-tracked
  • Trouble in focusing on a task
  • Trouble in learning new concepts
  • Becomes frustrated without difficulty

Early intervention is necessary as children with learning disabilities can also get into anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, continuing weariness or loss of enthusiasm, etc. With the help of the learning disability courses online, it is easy to identify the signs and symptoms of it. Then the child's educator, parents or guardian, consultant, or other experts can appeal for an evaluation if there are concerns about learning disabilities related problems. Here, the parents need to be aware of growing milestones such as walking or talking, and so on. When the learning infirmity is being recognized early on, necessary steps can be taken to support the child to acquire the essential life skills that are necessary for a successful life throughout.

Written By: Aditi Ghose      

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