Knowing the Moderate or Less Severe Symptoms of Autism

28th August 2020

When you meet a child with autism spectrum, you will see or notice that the child have an obsessional concentration on one topic or performs the same activity again and again. However, there is no authoritative identification or diagnosis called "mild autism." The autism spectrum can look different in different people. While some children with autism spectrum start showing signs as young as a few months old while others seem to have an average development for the first few months or maybe years of their lives when they start showing grounds.

The fact is, some children might have precise observable issues, others might not. The average thread is the differences in social acquisitions, communication, and behavioral issues.

What is Autism By the Way?

Autism is also known as the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This is a complex stipulation that adds problems with communication and behavioral issues. Children with autism have difficulties with communication and they have a problem in understanding what the other people conceive and feel. Their skills and attributes might develop unequally.

History of Mild Autism

In 1994, a new autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's syndrome, was included in the diagnostic manual. Researchers have found that the people with Asperger's syndrome, though considered to be autistic, they could be bright and communicative and resourceful individuals. However, in 2013, the diagnostic criteria were changed once again. The new autism spectrum disorder includes "different levels of reinforcement," and many people have started to use the term "Asperger syndrome".

Mild Autism Signs and Symptoms

Usually, the signs and indications of autism spectrum appear before a child turns 3. The common signs and indications include:

  • The child may show few emotions.
  • The child may miss different social communication that is usually obvious to other people, like the body language, the expressions on people's faces and so on.
  • The child may avoid eye contact.
  • The child may develop issues in developing and maintaining relationships like making friends or sharing interests etc.
  • The child may show doing the same activities, movements, or using the words over and over again.
  • The child may don't notice or may become overly sensitive to sound, light, smells, pain, touch, etc.
  • The child may don't like change.
  • The child may prefer to be alone and may don’t understand emotions.

Well, most of the kids with autism spectrum disorders don’t like to talk at all, while some may develop language skills during early childhood but then lose them afterwards. Some children with autism spectrum disorders start talking later in life.

So, when can you say that a child has a mild or less severe autism spectrum?

This depends on many technical and diagnostic factors. Sometimes the term is being used when a child is clearly autistic but at the same time, the child also has important spoken language and other skills. The term may also be used to assist and explicate different treatment decisions.

A child with mild autism may have some advanced communication and academic abilities but may have very slow social skills with intense sensational issues along with organizational skills. That is why complete awareness is necessary so that you can identify the child and you can learn through the online courses on autism. With the correct handling, a child can acquire to handle some of the communication challenges which he faces and the child can do well in school and succeed in life.


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