Navigating OHI in Special Education: A Guide for Educators and Parents

13th May 2024

Have you witnessed young learners in your classroom struggling to focus or complete their educational tasks?

The reason behind this might be a condition named OHI (Other Health Impairment) that often goes unnoticed and misunderstood by many educators. However, in the special education industry, every educator might have heard about the term “OHI” but might not be truly aware about it.

OHI (Other Health Impairment) is basically one of the 13th categories of disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Compared to other categories, OHI covers a broader health condition affecting young learners' academic journey.

To create an inclusive environment for our special needs students, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of OHI in students and know effective strategies to support them. If you also want to understand about OHI in special education in detail to guide and support your special young learners, then we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will delve into the complexities of OHI in special education, offering valuable strategies and accommodations for educators and parents to support special needs children and unlock their full potential.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Understanding OHI (Other Health Impairment) in Special Education


Understanding OHI

Your special needs children might have the ability to excel in their academics, but they might be facing unique health challenges (both physically and mentally) which might become a hindrance in their academic growth.

You might be thinking, but how you can recognize OHI in special education?

Well, OHI is an umbrella term, that consists of physical disorders like- Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart conditions, Hemophilia, Lead poisoning, Leukemia, Nephritis, Rheumatic Fever, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Tourette syndrome and also mental disorders like- anxiety, depression, which also comes under OHI.

To help your special needs learners, you must be able to recognize indicators that might show children are going through OHI. Some of the signs your special needs students might have symptoms of OHI (Other Health Impairment) are:

  • The constant feeling of fatigue
  • Lack of energy to do any task
  • Having difficulty to focus on any task
  • Absence of students regularly
  • Dip in their academic performance
  • Having high levels of anxiety and stress

Helpful Strategies To Support Students With OHI (Other Health Impairment)

Once you have identified children with OHI (Other Health Impairment), Special education educators can implement certain strategies and accommodations to cater to their learning needs to improve their academic performance. Let’s get to explore various strategies that you can use:

Inclusive Classroom Environment

Students with OHI can flourish if a flexible and encouraging learning environment is provided. This might involve providing them with priority seating, minimizing outside distractions, and modifying the lighting or volume of the noise to suit their own unique requirements.

Strategies to Avoid Burnout in Special Education Teaching

Personalized Instruction

It is crucial to craft instruction in such a way as to cater to the unique learning needs of children with OHI. Special Education Needs (SEN) educators should consider modifying their lesson plans, resources, and evaluation procedures to guarantee that all students participate fully and comprehend the material.

Incorporate Assistive Technology Tolls

For children with OHI, the use of assistive technology can improve their educational experience. This may involve offering voice recognition software, adaptable keyboards, or text-to-speech software to help with communication and curriculum materials accessibility.

Collaboration With Parents

One of the best ways to improve children with OHI academic performance is by collaborating with their parents. Parents could provide valuable insights about their child's upbringing, behavioural habits, and responses to various circumstances.

Based on these insights, educators can adjust interventions with their knowledge and experience.

You can also consider collaborating with other experts, such as school psychologists and therapists, who are also crucial, since they provide their special knowledge and insights to the teamwork.

Better Understanding Of OHI in Special Education Can Help You To Support Your Special Little Ones

Identifying the signs of OHI (Other Health Impairment) in children is one of the first and most important steps for any special needs educator. Once you have identified, then the half job is done.

Then you can consider applying all the above-mentioned helpful strategies and accommodations which will not just help your special needs children to thrive in their academics but they will also shine beyond the classroom settings.

If you aim to learn and understand more about various disorders, and impairments within your special needs students to support them and to help them thrive in every aspect of their life, then consider pursuing a SEN online workshop. Here you will get support from top expert trainers from the educational industry who will also help you to become a capable special needs educator.

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