Fun and Engaging Activities Which Must Introduce To Your Special Needs Students Today

19th January 2024

Reading is one of the important skills that every special child should possess which makes them capable of reading and comprehending any written materials successfully which will ultimately help them throughout their lives to succeed.

However, the rate of students reading per day is diminishing day by day because of too much of technological distractions around them. According to survey, almost 54% of the students read less than 15 minutes a day.

most students read less than 15 minutes a day

It’s every special needs teacher’s responsibility to turn this scenario and help their students improve their reading skills for their own better future.

In this blog post, we will share some of the engaging and fun reading activities that you can introduce in your special needs classroom which will promote functional reading and comprehension skills for every student with special needs.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Following Written Directions

One of the fundamental skills that every special needs student should know is being able to read and follow directions. You can consider utilizing written visual cues or level cards which will encourage students to not just simply read the written directions but comprehend it and actively engage with the task that is being written.

2. Make Proper Reading Activities Schedule

Those teachers who have pursued courses like Bachelor of Education in Special Educational Needs know the value of understanding special needs students' learning requirements like reading activity schedules.

Reading schedules is a vital skill that every student with special needs should know. You can create different activity schedule formats which will ensure that they can comprehend different kinds of schedules easily. You can consider introducing schedules like- school schedules in a daily or weekly format, task completion schedules, bus timing schedules, TV show schedules, playtime schedules, etc.

3. Reading & Comprehending Email

In this digital era, where most of the communication is now done via email. The ability to read, comprehend, and write an email has become one of the essential skills in today’s world. At first, you can start introducing the concept of exchanging emails but in a simpler format with time as you gradually progress to a more complex form of email interaction.

Through this approach, they will not only become tech-savvy but also learn how to communicate through emails using their digital devices.

4. Reading and Comprehending Receipts

To enhance the reading capabilities of your special needs students, you may need to engage them in reading and comprehending receipts. You must train your young learners on matching product price tags with prices as a responsible teacher so that they do not get overcharged at any point and become aware individuals. With this activity, students will be able to independently handle their monetary exchanges.

5. Reading and Comprehending Community Signs

Reading and comprehending community signs are one of the vital skills that every student with special needs should learn. You can consider using different community sign bundles available to help your students read and identify different community signs and understand their meaning.

This will make your students capable of navigating and understanding different community signs independently.

6. Reading and Comprehending Different Cards

Every child love using greeting cards. Well, you can use it to improve their reading skill as well. You can help them to read and respond with other cards to their peers or family. Consider introducing different cards like- birthday cards, invitation cards, holiday cards, and many more which will help them to read, comprehend, and respond to it successfully.

7. Preparing To-Do Lists

Lastly, you must consider teaching your special needs students to prepare a to-do list on a daily or weekly basis. They can make a list of tasks or chores they need to complete which will help them to improve their reading skills and also help them to stay organized.

Incorporate Engaging Reading Activities For Your Special Need Student’s Benefit

Reading skill is one of the major skills that every child with special needs students should acquire. Reading skills not only help them to succeed in their academic journey but also help them in their other aspect of life as well.

Teachers who have pursued courses like B.Ed. in Special Education know what kind of reading activities they can incorporate into their special needs classroom to improve the reading and comprehension skills of their students.

In this blog post as well, we have shared various fun and engaging reading activities that you can introduce to your special needs students which will not just improve their ability to read but their comprehension and responding skill as well.

Lastly remember, that every student is unique, and it is essential to tailor activities to their individual needs and abilities. By consistently integrating functional reading activities into the curriculum, educators can provide students with the tools they need for lifelong success in reading and comprehension.

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Written By: Sanjana Chowdhury      

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