Importance of Special Education Advocates: Empowering Families to Navigate the System

27th December 2023

Being a parent of specially-abled children is not an easy task. On top of that special education industry can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for parents or caretakers because there are so many policies, jargon, and documents of which parents might not be aware. That is where the special education Advocates come in.

The demand for special education Advocates is also on the rise. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there’s a projection for employment of special education teacher in between 2018-2028 which automatically indicates the growing need for special education advocates who plays a major role in supporting every specially-abled child’s parent and caretaker.

In this blog post, we will be exploring what important roles special education advocates play to ensure every special-education student’s parents understand everything related to the special-education industry which ultimately helps every special needs child thrive in their life.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Roles of Special Education Advocates

Special education advocates are professionals who assist parents in advocating for their children's special needs. They help parents navigate the system by explaining available services, interpreting test results, and collaborating with schools to develop individualized education programs (IEPs).

Their role extends beyond addressing known learning challenges because they also identify overlooked factors that may impact a child's ability to learn, such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, vision and hearing impairments, speech and language disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, behavioural and emotional disorders, physical disabilities, chronic illness, and traumatic brain injury.

Below we have mentioned several responsibilities that special education advocates fullfill, such as -

  • They empower families by providing advice on services, programs, and accommodations that meet their children's unique needs.
  • They help parents understand reports and evaluations and their implications.
  • Special education advocates also draft requests, responses, and complaints to schools so that parents’ concerns are effectively communicated in special education schools.
  • They guide Parents through IEP meetings, they offer suggestions about support materials, they tell what priorities should be set for goals and objectives and they also provide further assistance in these meetings if needed.
  • They also review every special education document to gain accurate knowledge and share it with parents before and after the IEP meetings and they give necessary support or advice according to the situation.
  • Lastly, they can also have the power to refer to other special education attorneys by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of parent’s cases if necessary.

How Special Education Advocates Can Provide Support To Families?

The field of special education operates within a complex framework of laws, policies and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. These laws describe whether students are eligible for special services, the rights that parents have, and what kind of services and adjustments can be made.

For parents who may not be aware of the functioning of such laws and regulations, which are overwhelming to comprehend as well as to follow. Special education advocates thus fill this knowledge gap by providing parents with the information necessary to enable them to participate effectively in their children’s education.

Below we have shared in what ways special education advocates can provide support to parents.

  • Parents often struggle to keep up with all the terms and abbreviations used in discussions about their children’s special needs. Ones like CSE (committee on special education), IEP (Individualized Education Programs), or IFSP (individualized family service plan) may not make sense. Such terms are explained by special education advocates so that parents know what they mean before making any of their decisions.
  • Parents find it difficult to deal with problems related to their children with special needs requirements, which may take an emotional toll on them. Special education advocates offer support and guidance to help parents get through these emotions better and make choices wisely.
  • Advocates also play a crucial role in helping parents gauge their children's progress. If parents believe their children are not making adequate progress or are regressing, special education advocates guide them through the necessary steps to address the situation effectively.

Become Aware of Special Education Advocates To Support Your Children Better

Being a parent of a special needs student is a huge responsibility and most of the parents or caretakers have little or no idea about special education laws, rights, and regulations. However, those parents or caretakers who have pursued courses like B.Ed. in Special Education know special education advocates can be of big support and help them to understand everything related to special education and take the necessary steps for the betterment of their special needs children.

So, get in contact with a Special Education Advocate Today to make yourself aware about every possible information there is related to special education and ensure your special education children’s success.

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Written By: Bindita Sinha      

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